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3201 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD 20748 Call 301-423-3332

The Hair Braiding Club

Tel: 301-423-3332

Welcome To The Hair Braiding Club!



If you are new to the Temple Hills, Clinton areas, or have never had the opportunity to investigate The Hair Braiding Club, you probably do not realize the expertise and professional atmosphere you’ll find right in our area!  Both locations are known for the proficiency your stylist will give you, the attention to detail and the quality that is guaranteed when you come for a session.

Start with viewing www.braidingclub.com or www.hometownhairbraiding.com, either one or both!  First of all you’ll want to see the client braid galleries; Braids photos of many of the braids specialized in at the salons.  You’ll quickly realize the vast array of styles that are available and the obvious expertise you’ll enjoy from your very first visit.  It’s easy at The Hair Braiding Club to find an individual style or weave that says, “You are special!”  At The Hair Braiding Club you won’t be pushed into a limited number of styles just because that’s all the stylists know how to do.  We do it all, and each stylist is dedicated to giving you a complete experience not only in the right braids for the look you are going for, but the right braids for your hair, a complete consultation AND  A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

The Hair Braiding Club is a membership based Braid salon for the sophisticated and discerning woman.  Of course non-members are welcomed as well, but when you see all of the various membership levels starting at just $5 a month you’ll quickly realize it is well worth it to join.  many memberships, for example, come with a free braids take-out so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

One of the most unique things about The Hair Braiding Club is all of the neat opportunities you have to save money!  There is an entire section devoted to saving you valuable dollars!  Click on “coupons” and you’ll find things like savings for the first time visitor, immediate savings when you bring a friend or two, and all sorts of specials that are changing all the time…keep watching!  There is even a chance to refer your friends and receive unbelievable discounts on your future visits…just for sharing the word about The Hair Braiding Club!

Every possible step has been taken to make your sessions at either salon to be satisfying and exceptional.  Consultations are not only appreciated but expected, appointments are even taken online for easy scheduling during hectic days; just a few of the things The Hair Braiding Club does to exceed your expectations.