My Secrets How To Create Flawless ” Senegalese Twist” ! {Protective Style}

My Secrets How To Create Flawless

learn how to create long gorgous senegalese twist ( I reaveal my secrets! ) with weave/ extension hair you can apply this tutorial /video on natural hair as well as relaxed, long or short hair if it’s easier for you to start your senegalese twist off with braids, watch my video for how to do kinky twist. in that tutorial i show you how to start your twist with a braid first you can even do the twist without extensions
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Senegalese Twist: Q&A, Maintenance & Style

**Your Questions Answered : Below are the list of questions covered in this video** These are question I’ve anticipated people may have for me . 1) What are your twist called? 2)Would you recommend twist/extensions as a protective Style ? 3) What do you do to your hair daily? 4)How will you be washing your twist and how often? ~Crown & Glory~ 5)Can you show us how you style your hair? 6) How long does this style Last? 7) I’m worried about my edges… will they break?

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49 Responses to My Secrets How To Create Flawless ” Senegalese Twist” ! {Protective Style}

  1. PrincessKhaaliyah09 says:

    really good

  2. 154angel154 says:

    Great vid sis!!! Helped me with my very first install!!! Your voice was in my head haha!!!

  3. juanitadanridge says:

    Great video! I was wondering how to start by twisting instead of braiding… Thanks!

  4. Ridetodie09 says:

    I have natural hair so with these twists can I swim with them or will my natural hair revert back? Plz answer

  5. HoneyisShe says:

    I Use To Start Off With A Braid… I LOve This Way Better :)

  6. HoneyisShe says:

    You Can If You Want. To Make It Curly You Braid It Then Dip In Hot Water, Take The Braids Loose & That’s How Its Done.

  7. quana0225 says:

    can u twist to the left ? would it make a difference

  8. jullian lemell says:

    can you burn the end’s of the hair and kind oh hair did you use ‘and @jayAndrelle yess you can do it on perm/relax hair .

  9. JayAndrelle says:

    can you do this on perm/ relax hair?

  10. chrissiana1 says:

    I always thought you had to start with a braid. Thanks so more because I can do this now.

  11. heyngozi says:

    do you dip the ends in hot water?

  12. 4evaJo says:

    how does it stay twisted once you get to the end of the hair? ….

  13. cnbriscoe90 says:

    I’m sure you’ve answered this already, what kind of hair did you use??

  14. LaTonya04 says:

    Thank you so very much. I love your work.

  15. ariesdiamond74 says:

    This tutorial was awesome! I always wondered how to start the twists. I don’t like when people start it off as a braid. Thank you!

  16. AngelDaMartian says:

    extreeemmmeelllyyyy thorough video, definitely using this method. =)

  17. Alexis Washington says:

    Is there a method from keeping the hair from splitting out the twist when you get to the end of the real hair.?

  18. scarletletter68 says:

    Can you do these twists with human hair? I cannot use the synthetic hair because it irritates my scalp too badly.

  19. Nene0284 says:

    I’m goin to try n do some today

  20. vedmonds38 says:

    6-8 depending on head size and amount of hair

  21. vedmonds38 says:

    thats pointless then they would be kinky twist instead…

  22. butterkreamkat says:

    How many packs do you use for a whole head?

  23. butterkreamkat says:


  24. QueenBarbieBitch says:

    iLove the video i wanted to know does this help your hair to grow ? because i know micro’s do and i was just wonder do these help

  25. MsSandiego4 says:

    omg cant stop looking at your twists, dey are so lovely :)….wanna get mine done too. wat length is urs plsssssss???

  26. mizzkaykaypooh says:

    I lovveeeeeee your accent lol :)

  27. Lovetayemonet says:

    how many bags of hair do you use to do this style? and what kind of hair do you use??

  28. pajamagirl123 says:

    You were able to grow your hair that much while suffering from Trich? Wow you really are an inspiration. I’m so glad I found your channel :)

  29. Andrea Johnson says:

    Im thinking about highlighting my hair blonde before I get my Senegalese or box braids done, would that be a good idea? I will have my highlights in for about 2 to 3 weeks before I get my braids done.

  30. Andrea Johnson says:

    Love your tips girl! great job :)

  31. lulLeahBeah says:

    A night how should I wrap up my Senegalese? & What products do I put on it at night?

  32. blueskullrose says:

    what should you do to your hair when it is freshly done… do you put braid spray in it or not

  33. 1989aday says:

    I can tell you this. They definitely are.

  34. mssexykay says:

    what you size of your hair ?

  35. sistersof143 says:

    Are they heavy are your head?

  36. OopsieeDaisee says:

    are these human or synthetic? And what is the brand? My mom said she is only going to braid my hair if it is human but I can’t seem to find any human hair like this.

  37. vibranthingg g says:

    How did you maintain your twists at night?

  38. ladyjbug841 says:

    LMAO!! Girl, I can tell that was the fourth time! You were pissed! I was like, shes about to start cussing bad word!! Lol… I want to get these for back to school because I am going to be working out a lot. I want to get them a lot larger though…lol. Thanks for the vid lady. Take care!

  39. MusicluverGirl13 says:

    love the hair btw

  40. MusicluverGirl13 says:

    your pretty

  41. Ecyrp says:

    i was gonna say that she said okay a million times, lmao.

  42. doughertycharlestv says:

    It’s so cute how you say “Okay” in between sentences almost every time:) ‘Tis okay
    (no pun) though, I say “like” in between sentences all the time. Ive been told that it can get quite annoying:P
    Anyway, love the hair<3

  43. artencie says:

    Mousse is a good product to use for frizzy twists

  44. LoveAshabi says:

    How long did you keep it in for? Or how long do you think it can last? I have single braids now but im planning on changing it up a bit and getting Senegalese twist next month for the new school year :)

  45. boingyboing15 says:

    Kanekalon  hair

  46. MzShanice105 says:

    i love this size you are very pretty :-D

  47. o2mile24 says:

    @fusionofcultures I just got mines done in long length. but they are starting to frizz. could you please tell me what method shall I use to prevent my Senegalese from frizzing???-please help

  48. MyMakeuplooks says:

    LOL at “abeg edges ooo abeg” I am Nigerian and probably would say the same thing to my braider.

  49. kiysluv says:

    What is crown and glory method?

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