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This is Free Membership. It allows you to make an appointment

Gold Plus

With This Membership, You Pay $40/month and $100/visit. You get:

Free Hair

Free braid take out (exept Saturdays. No Free Take outs on Saturdays)

Free Touch ups

Free Wash and Shampoo

Free Weaves (You provide Weave Hair)

With Gold Plus, You Can Come any day of the week.  Sundays Visits are after 3pm.



Pay As You Go

If you get Braids 3 or 4 times a year, then you Spend $600 to $1000 a year for your Braids. With this Programe, You pay $50/month and get free wash and shampoo, free hair and Pay $0 on your Visit. All You need is to maintain a $50/m. You get 1 Visit every  2 to 3 months Monday through Friday. Your First Visit However is at regular Price. 

Special Limited Time Offer:

Pay $40/ Month


4v at $300

Get This If you prePaid for 4 visits via an SMS offer. You will pay $10 monthly till you use all 4 visit. This offer is not transferable or sharerable.


5th Visit Free?

If you are Signing Up for our 5th Visit For Free Program, That Membership Is on a different Website. You will have to go there for all your appointments.

Go to http://www.BraidsByAnama.com





Lock It Up

$160 0r less

Suddenly, All your visits are $160 or Less

Pay $60/year, and Never pay more than $160 for your braids. We Provide the hair. Not Human


Your First Visit is

only: $100.



For Natural Styles Lovers Here is a Membership You Do Not want to Miss.  Styles like these:

Baby Curl (7) 100 0593100 0735100 2044103 1050100 0610

And Many More Like Them, are all you get with this Natural Membership. All these styles are usualy $200 and above but as an "Natural Sists" Member, You Pay $600/Year and pay Nothing When you come to get your Braids. No other Benefits are included. No Saturday and Sunday Visits.

With This Membership, your visits Whenever you are Ready for Braids. Come up to 10 times a year. That is $60?visit. 

Join Us Today. All Hair Included!