Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids, an old fashioned braiding hair style since centuries. Ancient great Greeks, Romans were most often used to appear in Cornrow braids hair styles. Today Cornrow braids styles had spread across the world wide. Cornrow braids styles are designed in various styles from simplex to complex hair styles. Beautiful designs over head, very much closely to the scalp and with the help of underhand these hair styles were braided.

The appearance and the design would be very complicated in nature, but creating or making cornrows on scalp is very easy, if you follow certain steps. Cornrow braids styles are also well known and famous with the other name “Goddess Braids” and “Cane row”. Cornrow braids styles are created in straight line manner accomplish continuous raised row of hair

Different and numerous designs of Cornrow hair styles can be created. Innovation is unlimited and the appearance simply creates a beauty to your hair and face. Cornrow braids styles can be created with extensions and without extensions.

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