Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist belongs to origin of Senegalese of South Africa. Senegalese twist hairstyles lasts for many months. This is an entirely different hair style and mainly depends on the individual interest. Approximately 6 hours time period is required to get this Senegalese twist hair style done by hair stylist. These Senegalese twist hair styles are famous due to their individuality and unique look. The appearance is so beautiful with an excellent look, soft in nature, unique in style and most attractive in crowd.

This is an excellent choice for the flexible in nature as very much easy in curling while creating twists. Synthetic Kanekalon hair is often used for its versatility, cost effective, low maintenance and availability of wide range of colors. However, an precaution of soaking in water solution, vinegar to be taken care before applying, to ensure and get ridden of hair itching problems.

The Senegalese twist braids hair styles can also be created with mix up of many different colors. You can opt this hair style depends on the occasion. Different hair styles can be created for business meet, party, special events, etc. to have a refined look. A Senegalese twist hair style attracts you among the crowd and creates an identity. One can have their own way of design, twists as per own preference. Either long or short, medium or large, Senegalese twist hair style can be created.

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