Kinky Twists

Kinky Twists

Kinky Twists are tight twisted hair style and also known as curled braids. They look as a rope in shape with two braids locked together in appearance. The possibility of hair loss and hair damage is more on daily basis for the reasons such as constant combing, machine drying, and hair pulling in which results in reducing hair growth. Kinky twists braids protect hair from hair loss, damage, hair manipulation and maintain hair stability on the scalp. However, kinky braids give you various benefits of low maintenance, money and time.

Kinky twists are most often used by the Africans and Americans. The style looks very natural in nature and appearance looks very good. The artificial hair can be easily added to human hair with various desired colors to create a unique appearance. Braiding can be done with the natural hair and the synthetic hair. Kinky twists are created from two separated twists. The first twist is from natural hair and the other from small pieces of hair around the twisted pieces of each other.

Kinky twits take little time in creating a desired hair style. But, it lasts up to 4 months period with proper care and maintenance. The end of the kinky twists has to be taken care very well and one should ensure that they are unraveled. Client as an experienced and reputed Kinky Twist Braid hair stylist we offer excellent services to our reputed customers in creating and innovative hair styles which will have a great impact over your hair beauty and your look. We care for our customers and ensure our customers look more pretty and happiest. Please contact us……..

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