Micro Braids

Micro braids are the top hair styles and had created an identity, trend in the society for all ages of women for centuries. These are mini braids which can be used as extensions are else as a complete hair style. Micro braids are called a small size “English braids”, tiny and invisible braids. For creating these style of micro braiding, curly micro braids, it consumes ample amount of time varying from 9 hours to 13 hours.

A Stylish appearance can be easily created with Micro Braids. Curly Micro braids have to be done very carefully, as possibility of damage to hair is on higher side. It is advised micro braiding to be done with the help of professional to ensure no hair loss or damage to root kits of hair on scalp. If it is done properly with care they can be easily curled with good style as how a long hair appears.

A Glue is used for sealing micro braids and one should definitely take care of their hair keeping in mind either “the hair is in good shape or not”. A micro braid curly is mainly depended on the length of the hair availability from the scalp. The removals for micro braids definitely need an assistance to avoid a situation of hair cutting.

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