Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are temporary hair extensions where as braiding a very soft acrylic yarn with natural hair. But, not with wool one as it may damage the hair. These are also famous with the other name “Genie Locs”. A hair style which is becoming most popular across the world is Yarn braids more than a natural hair. They appear in very stylish look, cheaper and prettier in look. There are different color of yarns braids which can be used based on the like, color and suitability with the natural hair. The primary requirement is purchasing of a good quality yarn. Yarn braids are available in the local stores at a cheaper price and they are very less expensive yarn braids. The time period wherein one can use yarn braids twist on their scalp is 6 weeks.

Yarn braids styles can be made up in longer length or shorter length. Pieces of yarn can be cut into the length up to the desired level of yarn braids you want to create. If yarn braids styles are not properly then it is difficult to find out that the hair is braided. Hence, it also depends on the proper process followed in create yarn braids styles. Yarn braids are not have as synthetic hair. You can do shampoo of hair very easily without any damage to your hair.

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