Lace Braid

There are numerous braids and hair styles in fashion world. Celebrities are being spotted with these fashions of new and attractive braids. Lace braids have an importance in fashion industry due to its stylish look and appearance. Lace braids also have an alternate name such as “French” and “Dutch Lace Braid”. Lace braid is actually adding one side of your hair from the top of your scalp or head. Hair will be separated and as a section from top of the head into the rest of the hair. The braiding will go down in a straight line manner touching your ear. You need to add only required amount of hair of large pieces and should ignore the small hair pieces. You need to pick up the hair which is long and which is closest to your forehead. The hair at the end can be pinned with any hair pins, or clips etc as per your desire.

Lace braid give an awesome look to your hair appearance. One who has a long hair with huge volume of hair can easily design their own style of lace braids on any side of the head starting from the top side, corner side or back side from the head. But, before lacing you need to ensure your hair is washed in water and dried without thoroughly. Hair should be smoothen to comb and easy to braid.

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